Prayer Shawl


In the Beginning

The Prayer Shawl Ministry at Journey Family Church began in March 2015. This ministry, which combines the love of knitting/crocheting with God’s commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself,” was the vision of members of the Women’s Ministry. They began knitting and crocheting shawls, spreading enthusiasm for the shawl ministry by speaking to other groups in the church and offering knitting lessons. Their love for this mission quickly spread and the number of knitters continues to increase. Although most of the knitting/crocheting is done at home, meetings are organized for knitting/crocheting instructions, fellowship, prayer and blessings for the recipients of the shawls. Meetings are relaxed and informal.

Uses for the Shawls

Prayer Shawls are given to celebrate the gift of love, friendship and caring. They offer comfort during illness, and for those undergoing surgery, medical procedures or the loss of a loved one. They may be used to celebrate the joy of a new baby, weddings, birthdays, baptisms, ordinations, going to college and other life transitions. Shawls have been made for centuries; they are universal and embracing; they comfort and enfold; and wrap and warm. Those who knit and receive shawls are loved and blessed. For more information on the Journey Family Church Prayer Shawl Ministry or to donate yarn for shawls, please contact:

Marcia ReidmilleR

reidmillerm@yahoo.cOM | (269) 317-7850


"For years, I kept asking the question, "What is my purpose in life and how can God use me to help others." I thought that purpose was knitting hats for newborns at the local hospitals. Even though I never truly felt that it was the direction that God was intending me to follow, I kept knitting and donating the hats. Then I read about a prayer shawl ministry, and as I looked into the purpose behind the ministry, I felt that it was something that I wanted to pursue. Four years ago, I began a Prayer Shawl Ministry at the church that my husband and I had been attending. I started knitting and gifting prayer shawls to members of the congregation who were in need of peace, comfort, or healing. In the early stages, I was the only member of the group, but as word spread about the ministry, the group started to grow. Working on the shawls brings peace and comfort to me, since so much time and prayer goes into each and every shawl. Many recipients have commented on how blessed and comforted they felt, and I believe that I have finally found the purpose that God had designed for me."